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- - - Welcome to Rusted Pipe! - - -

Did you ever wonder what inspired Suzanne Vega to write some of the most unlikely things ever written? Was there a real Luka? Is there a real Tom’s Diner? This is a website about Suzanne Vega’s songs, where many of your questions are about to be answered.

The explanations you can find on this website are mainly based on Suzanne’s own words.

Many things are still to be revealed by Suzanne, and many explanations that didn’t find their way to the Rusted Pipe yet. But the pipelines are under heavy construction and new pipelines being added! Find your way by clicking on the pipe above.



- - - Copyrights - - -

All the lyrics are taken from the book "Passionate Eye" by Suzanne Vega, Copyright © 1999, 2001 Suzanne Vega. All rights reserved.

- "Anniversary", copyright © 2002 Waifersongs Ltd.

- "It Hit Home", copyright © 2002 Waifersongs Ltd. / Warner Chappel.

- "Golden", copyright © A&M Records, 2000.
The lyrics have never been officially published, the transcription is made by William Andrews, http://www.suzannevega.com/discus/messages/115/703.html?1059571373 from the Japanese version of the album "Songs in Red and Gray".

This site has no commercial purposes.

All Suzanne's quotes are excerpts from interviews, stories and articles taken from various sources: newspapers, magazines, radio and tv shows, live concerts and the books "The Passionate Eye" and "Urgent Whispers". Unless differently indicated, all texts transcribed by Spikey and Marina Antonioli. Source references are duly indicated under each text. We do not intend to infringe any copyright law. Should you find and infraction, please report it to us.

This site is the result of our hard work.
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